NFL Playoff Challenge Fantasy Game
Official Rules.
This Game May Not Be Used to Conduct, Advertise Or Promote Any Form Of Gambling.

Game Period:
The Game Period begins at kickoff (approximately 1:00:00 p.m. ET) of the first NFL 2022 playoff game scheduled to take place on 1/14/23 and ends at the completion of Super Bowl LVII (approximately 9:59:59 p.m. ET) scheduled to take place on 2/12/23. Exact dates/times are subject to change dependent upon the NFL schedule (the “Promotion Period”). The Promotion and participation in the Promotion are subject to these Official Rules. The Promotion Period will be divided into four (4) weekly scoring periods during which fantasy points will be accumulated. The weekly scoring periods are as follows:

Weekly Scoring PeriodWeekly Scoring Period Starts at Kickoff on the First NFL Playoff Game on:Weekly Scoring Period Ends at the Completion of the Last NFL Playoff Game Played on:
1; Wild Card Playoffs (6 games in total) 1/14/231/15/23
2; Divisional Playoffs (4 games in total) 1/21/231/22/23
3; Conference Championships (2 games in total) 1/29/231/29/23
4; Super Bowl LVI (1 game) 2/12/232/12/23

All registrations/entries become the property of Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned.

To Participate:

Pick Your Players: The object of the Promotion is to pick the NFL players who you think will perform best in their actual NFL playoff games for each weekly scoring period. For each of the four (4) weekly scoring periods (as defined above), you may pick a total of eight (8) players per period: one (1) quarterback; two (2) running backs; two (2) wide receivers; one (1) tight end; one (1) kicker; and one (1) team defense/special teams from the player roster provided on the Promotion Game Page. You may select the same player multiple times during the Promotion Period assuming his team progresses through the playoffs. The players you select for each week will accumulate fantasy points based on the Scoring System below.

To select your players for any weekly scoring period, visit the Promotion Game Page (as directed above), which will feature a player roster, and follow the instructions provided to make your player selections by the deadline(s) outlined in section 4.c below. If your pick(s) is submitted by the relevant deadline outlined, this selection will be your active player(s) for that applicable weekly scoring period during the Promotion Period.

Note: For NFL players who play more than one position, will determine position eligibility. If you select a player for one position but then such player plays another eligible position for that applicable game (e.g. a running back plays wide receiver), his statistics at the new position will count towards your fantasy point total but he will still take up the positional slot of his initial position.

Player Selection Deadline: The deadline for choosing or modifying your player and position selection for each weekly scoring period is prior to kickoff of the applicable game in which the player(s) is playing, as determined by Sponsor. If there is a dispute as to the deadline, Sponsor’s decision will control.

Your last selection that is received by the applicable deadline will be used to tabulate your fantasy points. Selections cannot be modified for any game that is in progress or is already completed or once a deadline has passed. Fantasy points will not be awarded if 1.) a player selection is not made by the applicable deadline, 2.) the selected NFL player(s) does not play in the game for any reason, 3.) the selected NFL player does not perform any of the actions listed below to generate any points in a game, 4.) a game is cancelled for any reason, or 5.) a game is postponed or rescheduled, for any reason, to take place during a subsequent weekly scoring period.

All selections must be accepted and acknowledged by the computer servers by the applicable deadline (as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) to be considered valid, timely, and eligible.

Scoring System:
During each weekly scoring period throughout the Promotion Period, you will earn fantasy points based on the statistics accumulated by the NFL players that you have chosen for the applicable weekly scoring period using the following scoring system:

Offense Statistic (QB, RB, WR, TE, K): Fantasy Points:
Rushing or Receiving Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Fumble Recovery Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Passing Touchdown: 4 fantasy points
Field Goal Made 0-49 yards: 3 fantasy points
Field Goal Made 50+ yards: 5 fantasy points
Passing, Rushing or Receiving Two-Point Conversion: 2 fantasy points
Rushing or Receiving: 1 fantasy point per 10 yards
Passing: 1 fantasy point per 25 yards
Reception: 1 fantasy point
Extra Point: 1 fantasy point
Fumble Lost: -2 fantasy points
Interception: -2 fantasy points

Defense/Special Teams (D/ST):
Punt Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Kickoff Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Fumble Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Interception Return Touchdown: 6 fantasy points
Interception: 2 fantasy points
Fumble Recovery: 2 fantasy points
Safety: 2 fantasy points
Sack: 1 fantasy point
Allowing 0 Points: 10 fantasy points
Allowing 1-6 Points: 7 fantasy points
Allowing 7-13 Points: 4 fantasy points
Allowing 14-20 Points: 1 fantasy points
Allowing 21-27 Points: 0 fantasy point
Allowing 28-34 Points: -1 fantasy points
Allowing 35+ Points: -4 fantasy points
Team Win 5 fantasy points

The fantasy points accumulated by each player during one (1) weekly scoring period will be multiplied by the number of consecutive weeks in which the player has been on your roster assuming such player's team progresses through the playoffs. A player can earn bonus point multipliers of 2x, 3x or 4x for a given week based on the number of weeks they were on the fantasy team roster. For example: A user selects Tom Brady, TB in the Wild Card round. Brady earns 15 fantasy points in the first weekly scoring period therefore the participant is awarded 15 points for the first weekly scoring period. If TB advances to the Divisional Playoffs and the participant selects to keep Brady on his/ her roster for the second consecutive weekly scoring period, and Brady earns 20 fantasy points in his Divisional Playoff game, the participant will earn 40 points for the second consecutive weekly scoring period (20 x 2 = 40). Those 40 points will be added to the 15 points earned in the first weekly scoring period for a two-week total of 55 points (15 + 40 = 55). In addition, a user can select Tom Brady, TB in the Wild Card round even if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a bye into the Divisional Round. In this case, the user would not earn any points for the Wild Card round, but would then be eligible to earn “double points” in the Divisional round, since Brady was on the team’s roster for 2 weekly scoring periods.

Scoring Notes
Negative Scoring: Note that it is possible for a player to earn negative points in a single week. Some scoring categories result in negative points and if positive scoring does not offset the negative earned points by a player, they will end the week with negative points. For offensive players, the negative point categories are interceptions and fumbles lost, as well as negative yards accumulated in the passing, receiving or rushing yards categories. For Defense/Special Teams, the negative point categories are allowing 28-34 points or allowing 35+ points.
Offensive Scoring (QB, RB, WR, TE, K): Scoring will be calculated according to the following example: If a QB throws for 200 passing yards, 2 TDs - rushes for 20 yards, 1 touchdown - and has 25 yards receiving, his point total for the round would be: 2 passing touchdowns = 8 points, 1 rushing touchdown = 6 points, 200yds Passing = 8 points, 20yds Rushing = 2 points, 25yds receiving = 2 points; or 26 total points for the round. Please note that, if you have an active QB and an active WR who play for the same NFL team, and your QB throws a touchdown pass to your WR, then you are credited with two touchdowns on the play and you receive 6 points for the receiving touchdown and 4 points for the passing touchdown (10 points total).
Kicking scores: Kicking statistics (field goal, extra point) can be scored by any individual offensive player, notably your Kicker (K). A team Defense/Special Teams unit (D/ST) will not earn points for field goals or extra points.
Defensive / Special Team scores (Touchdowns, Fumble Recoveries, Interceptions, Safeties or Sacks): Your defense is awarded points when any one of its members generates either a touchdown, interception, fumble recovery, safety or sack. Your defense also is awarded points for a kickoff or punt return that results in a touchdown. For instance, if your active defense is the Chiefs, and Isiah Pacheco returns a punt for a touchdown, your defense (the Chiefs) gets 6 points. But in that same situation, a team using Pacheco as an active RB would NOT be awarded 6 points for that touchdown.
Defensive Points Allowed: Only points allowed by a team defense or special teams unit will count towards the defensive points allowed category. Note that points a defense scores off the offensive turnovers of your team defense do NOT count towards points allowed. For example, consider the situation if you are starting the Cowboys Team Defense against the Eagles and Dak Prescott throws an interception to Josh Sweat, who returns it for a touchdown. Although the Eagles scored 6 points on the play, the Cowboys Team Defense did not surrender the touchdown and thus they are not penalized for giving up points. However, any points given up while the special teams unit for the Cowboys are on the field (including a field goal or extra point) do count in this total.
Team Defensive 2-point Returns: A defender returns an interception or recovers and returns a fumble during a 2-point conversion attempt by the opposing team.
Defensive Touchdowns: Defensive touchdowns are any touchdowns scored by the defensive team. This includes fumble returns and interception returns.
Special Teams Touchdowns: Special Teams Touchdowns are touchdowns scored by punt returns, kickoff returns or returns of a blocked Field Goal kick or punt.
Rounding will NOT be used when calculating points from statistics. However, the resulting points will be rounded for display.